Children of Chaos

Children of Chaos (2019) is a performance piece incorporating read aloud text and installation. The writing draws influence from the artist’s experience spending time in retail parks, and occupies the same liminal space through a mother-child narrative loop. Each child ‘chest-burts’ from its mother, then becomes the mother which then chest-burts the next child in a hellish cycle.

The setting of a retail park serves as direction towards the completion of each cycle, imprisoning each mother in a shopping complex and the complexities of her own limited existence. The installed space reflects the final turning point and attempts to break the pattern.

Children of Chaos, (2019), photograph of performance, (Duration: 20 mins)
Children of Chaos, (2019), photograph of installation.

Extract from text:

When I looked upon Mother from the first sight I was right up in her eyes. Locked in love and blood of new born we had three whole seconds together before I ate her.

I was starving and there was no other option.

I’d barely got to know her but she tasted of red wine and beef which was how I’d always imagined it would be. I’d imagined it would feel like a Sunday after Church after a cold walk home after a holy relief of leafy sanctuary in the back garden of the Lord. I’d imagined it would feel like that, but it didn’t. It felt like sitting in a beefy, boozy red pool of her.

I’d eaten her with my teeth, as I’d come into life with a full set. It must have been all that dairy she ate flowing straight to my skull and piling up in layers of white sediment. As measurement of my love for her I left a couple of teeth behind as little kisses of affliction.

She was Mother and she’d done all that she could……

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