Luce Stewart (b. 1998, London) is a non-binary performance artist and writer currently studying at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. They publish work under the artist name ‘Poor Mother’, a performative drag persona created during their foundation year. Poor Mother acts as a vehicle for Stewart to confront the intricacies of their identity under the veil of character, touching on themes of exposure, gender, disability, nostalgia and the surreal.

Stewart’s writing forms the backbone of their practice, drawing inspiration from their own displacement as well as self-generated theory. Most recently, they have been writing and making work about ‘Psychosomatic Swimtrospection’, a state of emotional exposure induced by the combination of external and internal. Oxymoronic combinations continue throughout Stewart’s practice – humorous distress, surreal relatability, cold eroticisms and heartfelt discomfort.

Stewart has performed as Poor Mother at The Bloomsbury Theatre, The Crypt St Pancras and The Windmill, Brixton. Their first solo show, hosted at Ziferblat London in 2020, was a live reading of their short story ‘You Can Always Rely on a Premier Inn’. The piece was later adapted by Stewart into an audiobook. Their drawings were recently shown as part of ‘And What? Queer Arts Festival’ at The Archive Gallery in Haggerston.

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